De Lisle Iron is a one-man workshop specializing in crafting heirloom quality knives.  

Careful handwork goes into every piece: the blades are forged from layered san mai steel, ground one at a time, and brought to a final polish by hand.  Materials are selected with care, from the high carbon steel and antique wrought iron used to make the san mai, to the handle wood sourced from small American mills or reclaimed from other craftsman.  Each handle is individually shaped and stabilized to improve its durability, and features custom metal fittings. Subtle variations throughout the crafting process render each finished knife as unique as a fingerprint.  


It is important to me that my knives are made by hand.  Craftsmanship is a counterpoint to today’s fast-paced consumer culture, a reminder to pause and take pleasure in the simplest tasks, and not to rush through life.  For me, Craft embodies a reverence for material and tradition, and a calling to make work that represents the very best of my abilities.

My intent is for every de Lisle Iron blade to be

worthy of being passed on to the next generation. 

© 2018 Addison de Lisle